Support for Families with Children

download (1)Rae L. Banigan, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, ACE

As a member of Trinity Episcopal Church, she volunteers on Thursdays 9-12PM at the Jubilee Cupboard Diaper Drive providing free screening for infants Birth to 22 months, her DVD, “Talking Is Sharing” website, offers goals and information for parents to enrich their babies to anyone who wants to stop by and chat!!! Parents can also contact her at her office in Palmer 413 283-9240 or email

Dr. Banigan has pioneered prevention and family-centered service with superior knowledge, clinical expertise and patient success in professional practice for 40 years. She has pioneered stimulating enriched development, prevention of delays and disability, early identification and intervention, and integrated family and educational service. She has provided research, consultation, screening, assessment, direct service, in-service training and education of families, paraprofessionals, undergraduate/graduate students and professionals in diverse settings including medical, educational and corporate business. She has provided service to patients from 4 months to 86 years old and children in 35 school districts.

She is the internationally acclaimed author of the book “A Family-Centered Approach to Developing Communication: Prevention, Screening and Facilitation” (Butterworth-Heinemann, 1998) and the video-program “Talking is Sharing”(Talking with Children, Inc). She has presented her research and clinical work internationally (24 countries) and published in professional journals including the Journal of Child Language and Human Communication. She has been featured in television, radio, newspaper and magazines including American Baby Magazine and Gifted Child Today. She was a contributor to the American Speech, Language and Hearing Associations “Prevention Curriculum Guide”.

Dr. Banigan was born to a poor family in NYC and has been challenged with 3 generations of family genetic learning disability that affects everything she does. She possesses a unique affinity with families with gifted children, poor families with life challenges, those with communication disorders and their families. Her personal and professional challenges with disability, being a “bulldozer” as her patients affectionately nicknamed her since nothing gets in the way of their child’s success, and her phenomenal successes motivate her to help others.