Parish Officers and Staff

The Bishop of Western Massachusetts

The Right Reverend Douglas J. Fisher D. Min, D.D.

The Rev. Mary Rosendale

The people of Trinity Episcopal Church in Ware called the Rev. Mary Rosendale to serve as Rector effective July 1, 2016.The Rev. Randy Wilburn served as Interim since September of 2014 and we thanked him for walking faithfully with this congregation as he has done time and time again in our diocese.

From Colorado to Massachusetts…

Mary is a native of Colorado where she earned a Bachelors degree in History from Colorado Mesa University in 2013.  She spent three months caring for orphaned children in Uganda with SAMS – Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders– before entering Virginia Theological Seminary.  Ordained deacon in June of 2015, Mary was awarded the M.Div. and ordained as priest in June of 2016.
Mother Mary is married to the Rev. Jose Reyes Perez who serves as Associate Rector of All Saints, Worcester and they welcomed their first child Autumn 2017.  We are blessed to have another new priest join the ranks in WMA. Mary’s passion for the Gospel is surely be a blessing for Trinity, Ware. Please keep her in your prayers as she finishes the last things in her initial formation. Pray, too, for the people of Trinity, Ware as we commence this new beginning.
Mother Mary will be in the office Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday from 9:00am to 4:00pm.  She can also be reached via the contact information below:
Phone: (970)640-6461

To View The Program Welcoming The Rev. Mary Rosendale Click Here

Parish Officers

  • Reid Jeffrey, Jr. – Senior Warden
  • Mark Andrews – Junior Warden
  • Jane Sterndale – Treasurer
  • Suzanne Chagnon – Vestry Clerk


  • Theresa Cofkse
  • Don Connors
  • Jean Andresen
  • Ron Newton
  • Brian Scott
  • Amy Verge
  • Brian Scott (Delegate)
  • Glennis Eastbrook (Delegate)
  • Matt Chagnon (Youth Delegate)
  • Don Connors (Alternate Delegate)

Eucharistic Visitors

  • Jane Sterndale

Eucharistic Ministers

Matthew Chagnon, Don Connors, Reid Jeffery Sr., Ron Newton, Jane Sterndale,

Parish Staff

  • Acolyte Director – Theresa Cofske
  • Altar Guild Director – Chris Jeffery
  • Choir Master & Organist – Patrick Turley
  • Christian Education Mentors – Ron Newton, Natalie Alexander, Suzanne Chagnon
  • Communications Liason –
  • Website – Jessica Skinner
  • Parish Secretary – Barbara Moran
  • Sexton – Carol Zins
  • Jubilee Cupboard:
    Director – Cheryl Vaugh
    Treasurer – Chris Jeffery
  • Verger – Don Connors